I was once a beginner too and everyday I gain a little bit more…..

MTB Donegal - Barnesmore Gap, Donegal

MTB Donegal - Barnesmore Gap, Donegal

My name is Emmet Mc Namee and I set up this website to help people to get started in Mountain Biking and hopefully answer some of the questions I asked at the start too... 

I started in MTB just under two years ago for two reasons. Firstly to shed some excess pounds racked up from sitting in an office most days and secondly to see parts of the county you can't see from the road or in a car which I seen while filming the promo videos for the upcoming events that year. 

Quickly I was bitten by the bug and wouldn't change it for the world. Mountain Biking offers so much to any one who wants to enjoy it, granted its tough some days and you'll reach a climb that you can't pedal up and want to throw your bike away. Don't, get off and walk, its not a crime, attempt to get a bit further the next day until the day will come that you are at the top before you know it. I still remember my first ride out on a simple 4km road and I was off the bike 4 times ready to die, put i pushed on and build up the kms over time. 

My lifestyle has changed so much since starting, between losing weight, feeling healthier and having a clearer view on things because of feeling better about myself. 

You can ride with friends or on your own, take part in some events, visit a trail centre or simply escape to the hills and take a few pictures, either way you will love every minute of it. 

So I encourage everyone to give it a go and get out there.

Whats Coming next….

Get more involved on a saddle to enjoy our county. The first few outings planned here will be for the first timers and no one will be left behind or judged and honestly don't care how far someone might be in front off you, your still moving and day by day you will get closer and closers to them. 

I will build up the distance of the routes over the months to suit beginners and all other levels, but would encourage some of the more experienced riders and clubs members to join in and support the beginners for the first few rides at their pace, because remember we were all beginners once. 

See you on the hills and look forward to meeting some of you all along the way.