Next Social Chapter - Final Plans

Next Social Chapter - Final Plans

Ok I asked for some suggestions were you might like to go for the next run out…

The Glen/Port areas where mentioned a few times, so you asked and I listened.

On Sunday I headed to port with some of the crew from Tir Chonaill Gap Cycling Club to do a bit of recce for a route all i can say is WOW.. We peddled a few loops to see what we could come up with keeping the beginners in mind. I’m not going to sugar coat it, the climbs are tough and there was a bit of hike a bike today but boy is it worth it.




Hopefully by now you will have seen the great news that the Ards Forest Park MTB Challenge will be running on the 30th March for the second year. Last year saw mountain bikers being given access to the iconic park for one day only for the errigal cycling club MTB challenge which was a huge success.

Is this event for me?
I’ve only started MTB should I give it a go?
Are these questions your asking yourself since you saw my first post?

The answer is yes, yes and yes

This event would be great starting point for a number of reasons

  • 1 Lap option of 11km

  • Great surface

  • Not a technical event

  • Outstanding Scenery

The event has 3 options of completing 1 lap, 2 laps or 3 laps. I would recommend if this is your first event or your just starting out to opt for the 1 lap options as there is some nice climbs in the event, but as I was told many of times, I haven’t seen a hill I couldn’t walk up yet.

Planning to do your first event will always raise questions but the main thing to remember about mountain biking, is that no one will be judging you. The only person you race on your first event is yourself, you go to challenge yourself to doing something new..

I’ll never forget my first event when I decided to tag along to Cooley Thriller and somehow got talked into doing the 50km rather than the 18km and 6hrs later I achieved what i set out to do… simply finish the event and I sorely smiled the whole way home. So if you set your goal for the Ards MTB Challenge you’ll be sure to have a good day.

I hope this will help you make your mind up to take part and remember mountain biking is real fun when you let it be and you are slowing becoming the part of a great community.