Preparing for a mountain bike trip

Be Prepared, Preplan and enjoy the day

Sunday might be your first time on a bike ever or in even in a while, so lets help you get prepared.

You might of made our first outing back in January and maybe you still have questions.

Did you find anything more difficult or need help with something? Fire away and drop a comment below and I will answer it as best I can

Be prepared with these few pointers

  1. Having the right kit

Make sure you have the right equipment for the run i.e. The right clothing and bike. Even tho the route on Sunday is around 15k you still will be out on the bike for a while and you don’t want to get cold early on and ruin your day.. Check the forecast that morning and dress accordingly. its easier to take kit off that it is to find it on the side of a mountain

2. Route Selection

We have that covered… download your maps files from the site and load to your phone or computer.. If its your own route do a bit of planning to make sure its safe and no crossing private lands. Don’t forget to share it with us as well so we can all enjoy it.

3.Test your bike the night before

Make sure everything is working on your bike the night before so you don’t find that brakes are sticking just as your about to set off. Find more info on our pre ride checks here

4. Trust your bike.

When you ride a mountain bike for the first time, it can be difficult to let go and trust yourself and your bike. If you are used to road bikes, you might be tempted to go around obstacles. Remember, you are on rough terrain, and your mountain bike is capable of going over obstacles, including potholes, tree roots, and rocks. Don’t hesitate when you reach obstacles on the trail, allow your mountain bike to guide you through them.

5. Fuelling Up pre ride

Don’t eat to heavy before the ride, eating healthy before a ride will help you not only before the actual trip but also during the whole experience. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables, stocking up on products that can give you more energy, such as nuts, seeds and protein bars. Also, do not forget to take a water bottle and snacks for the trail… or several, depending on the duration of your trip.

6. Ascending & Descending

For new mountain bikers, focus on the proper technique for ascending and descending. When it comes to ascension,  keep turning the pedals at a steady rate, leaning forward on the bike (this will keep the front wheel in a steady position. As for the descending, it is essential to maintain yourself on the back of the saddle, to maintain stability and reduce the risk of falling forward.

As always if you have any questions drop a comment below.