Preparing for Sundays Barnesmore Gap Run

Be Prepared and your guaranteed to enjoy the day more.


I have already covered getting prepared for a mountain bike trip which you can recap on here if you need too.

Longer Routes adds more to think about

The barnes run is the longest of the routes so far which leaves you with a few more things to think about on the lead up to Sunday.

With the routes totalling nearly 30/40km your guaranteed to be out on the bike for over two hours.

Pre Ride Food

A good breakfast shout be consumed 60- 90 mins prior to the ride and this should be something that wouldn't’ lye in your stomach, which could make you feel uncomfortable from the start of the route. Stick to something you know that agrees with you.

Food During the Ride


Experts say your body can store enough energy (carbs) to complete up too, 90 mins exercise and than you should consume food every 30-60mins after the 90 mins depending on your metabolism.

So what should you eat while on a ride

  • Bananas

  • Energy Bars designed for cycling

  • Nature Vally Cereal Bars

  • Jam Sandwiches

These are just a few examples but again go for something that agrees with you and make sure it has a good source of carbs to rebuild the energy levels quickly. Castle Cycles have a great range of foods and gels and i highly recommend there cliff bars with peanut butter..

Hydration Pre Ride

Don’t start hydrating the morning of the ride, start now with a few days to spare to get your body used to storing the fluids in advance, consume at least 2lts of water a day. If you start drinking the morning of the ride your guaranteed you’ll spend the day looking for a hedge.

Hydration During the ride

The law of averages says you should consume at least 1lt of water per hour while on the bike to maintain the correct levels of hydration. This is only a guide and you should always be sipping rather than becoming thirsty. Constant intake helps the hydration levels to stay at the prime peaks.

If you sweat a lot during a ride you should really consider adding electrolytes to your water to maintain your bodies salt levels. Low salt levels will result in muscle cramp and discomfort. Electrolyte gels are also an options. Again Castle Cycles stock a great range of products and they will be more than happy to help you.