Event Brief

Charity race - Man vs Machine
Selected Charity fot MTB Donegal - Crumlin CHILDREN'S hospital

A race from Lough Mourne (Barnes More Gap) to Lough Derg between myself on a mountain bike using forest roads and yourselves in the landcover using roads and the last 3km on water across Lough Derg.

From talking to Denis this morning it would leave it impossible for use to use the Landcover on the roads and then build it to complete the final 3km across Lough Derg.

Would it work if use used a normal landcover on the road sections and used the amphibious vehicle on the final 3km on the water and had it prepared and parked at the launch jetty.

My route is 3okm and my current average speed is around 15km leaving me aiming for around 1:50:00 at race pace. There is 2 road options, the one below at 35km and the second is around 5km longer if we needed it to keep the race close depending on how much time you would need to complete the water section,

Let me know what you all think and we can meet up and get a chat if its something you would be interested in.

Vehicle Route


Full detailed route:


Lough Derg - Water Section


Water Section Details


Bike Route