Bike & Body - LOOKING AFTER YOUR Bike & your Fuel


Here you will find the must have's for your hassle free day in the hills. Carrying the right equipment can save you a lot of hassle ,should you run into trouble on the trails and most of all save you the long walk home from the middle of the 60km epic. 


There is many ways to carry these with a wide range of different bags and tool kits available or simply just tape them onto your frame.

  • Spare Tube 

  • Tyre Levers 

  • Pump or Co2 Shots 

  • Multi Tool 

  • Chain Links 

  • First Aid Kit or simply some alcohol wipes and some plasters 

  • Cable Ties


Now that we covered the bikes spares lets cover your bodies spares which is as important if not more. If your body isn't fuelled right it could lead to a lot of problems. 

  • Water - Make sure you have enough fluids to last your journey with spare bottles or a camel pack. Rule of thumb is ensure you consume 1 litre of fluids for every hour on the bike.

  • Food - depending on the length of the outing you should be eating regularly on bike (in average of every 15 mins) Avoid protein while out as it harder for your stomach to digest. There is a wide range of foods available at your local bike shop and online designed for cycling. 

  • Energy Supplements - Top up your engry with engery bars and caffeine tablets in your water bottle. If on a long trip bring some gels as a back up. 


Never leave home without a fully charged phone. Also let someone know where your going and roughly how long  you will be out. Its good practise incase you have an accident and you can't get to the phone. Accidents do happen and you can run out of talent sometime so be prepared it could save your life.


Clothing is another important thing to consider for your trip and always carry a light rain/wind jacket in your kit. You could caught out in a freak shower and leave yourself exposed to being wet in the middle of a long run which will drain your energy quicker. Always check the weather prior to leaving to ensure you have the right kit with you. You can check the weather HERE